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This article is part of a series on common questions we discuss about building rule engine focused applications.  Understanding a users skill level and technical competency is critical in designing a meaningful rule authoring experience. As you explore rule engines in general you’ll find a variety of rule editors that vary on a spectrum from “capable […]  

This article is part of a series on common questions we discuss about building rule engine focused applications.  Changes to business rules in general can present day to day challenges as employees, customers, and other stakeholders adjust to the new way of making decisions. This is why it is so important to validate, test, and […]  

Decisions works with a number of customers and partners who have developed and implemented solutions that are Business Rule Engine oriented. While the context of these applications may vary from credit scoring to medical claims processing, building applications that are rule engine focused typically involve thinking through the same set of questions. Here are a few […]  

Decisions customers are engaging end users in the enterprise in a variety of ways. While some of these methods are obvious – using forms built in Decisions delivered through the End User Portal for example – others are not as obvious to the uninitiated. Let’s take a quick look at this example and some of […]  

I was approached by CIOReview recently to contribute a guest article for their BPM special issue. You can take a look at the issue at the link below and read the guest article on page 47. Digital Issue – CIOReview: BPM Special Issue Direct Link –  Kevin’s article published on In my article I focus on the […]  

What is a Decisions Seminar? A Decisions Seminar is a survey and high level training of a specific feature or pattern in the Decisions Platform. While we hold other webinars that are more “sales demo” focused. Decisions Seminars are aimed more at enablement and training. You can see recordings of past Decisions Seminars at […]  

At a recent free training event, we had a number of attendees with us who had not yet signed on as official Decisions customers. While all of these attendees have either signed on or plan to sign on in the next week, one of them had a story that they said I could share. A […]  

Brita and Amazon just announced a new product – a pitcher that tracks how much water is poured (assuming you are pouring it for your own refreshment it calls this “consumption”) and uses that information to track the status of the water filter. Once the water filter nears the end of its life a new filter is […]  

The Customer On-Boarding Process Customer on-boarding can be one of the most complex processes in a business due to the amount of coordination required among both internal and external teams. With each point of coordination increasing the potential of a mis-communication or delay. In our opinion, this process is also a prime example of classic workflow […]  

What is the Rete Algorithm? Your first question is likely – how do I say “Rete”? Well, a quick search leading to several dictionaries suggests “Reet” is appropriate while “Ree-tee” and and other pronunciations are less common. The goal of a Rete Algorithm is pretty simple, to reduce the number of rule executions to get […]