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Beth Meyers
Beth Meyers
Beth is passionate about improving the value of healthcare through innovation, simplification and informed decision making. After too many years of studying decision making, she's happy to be empowering business users to see, understand and edit business logic with the DECISIONS no-code platform.
When the phrase “case management” comes up in healthcare, the common assumption is that the case is patient-related. The reality of healthcare case management is that it can apply to many types of ‘cases’. Yes, patients may be managed through this process, but there are many other healthcare processes that benefit from workflow and task […]  Read More
Unpaid invoices and bills are part of the cost of doing business. But the scale of that cost is determined by the efficiency and efficacy of your collections strategy. The first step in managing these collections efforts is choosing the right infrastructure to organize these efforts. At first glance, outsourcing collections to a third party […]  Read More