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Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones has founded and sold three companies with the last built using Decisions technology. He has also led factories and large IT implementations both in the US and in Asia, where he lived for over seven years.
Scores let you know where you stand, whether it is a test score in academics or the final score of the Super Bowl, they are a quick way to measure past performance. Past performance is an important indicator for future performance and using scoring rules in business decisions can help predict the probability of certain […]  Read More
Well constructed machine learning models can give a business a competitive advantage by helping make more nimble decisions but ML models should not be left to themselves. Companies that can make decisions faster can capture new opportunities quicker and compete with and take share from larger rivals. While ML can be very valuable, there are […]  Read More
This past month, we here at Decisions created a webinar on integrating R & Python with our Decisions platform. You can watch a recording of the webinar or read on a little further to learn more about what R & Python do and why integrating these with Decisions is both useful and easy to accomplish. […]  Read More
Businesses around the world are settling into a new normal, which has dramatically changed the way they interact with customers, foster collaboration among teams, and support employees. Many businesses have already had strong flexible work arrangements, but there is now more of a focus on the value of a virtual workspace and the need for […]  Read More
Case management in the healthcare industry doesn’t only pertain to the clinical side of operations. Healthcare administrators must account for different business entities and legal regulations when managing patient registration insurance contracts, coding, billing, and other stages of the healthcare revenue cycle. These complex healthcare processes require workflows and management tools that can adapt to […]  Read More
In these unprecedented times filled with new challenges, uncertainty, and organizational and personal constraints, IT and business leaders are working to adapt their operations in response to COVID-19. To enable these changes, maintain continuity, and ensure the health of employees and their communities, businesses need their technology platforms to be able to pivot on a […]  Read More
Today’s healthcare industry is undergoing a transition away from traditional pay-for-service payment systems. Under this old model, patients visit a healthcare facility, receive healthcare services ranging from wellness checks to lab tests to medical procedures, and then pay an individual rate for each of those services. That approach is being replaced by advanced payment models […]  Read More
Between the reverberations of the stock market and the uncertainty of the scale and length of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many businesses have been pushed close to their breaking points. Business owners have to constantly weigh the health and safety of their employees against complex pressures that come with making decisions that can help their […]  Read More
  It goes without saying that global and national financial markets have been rattled by volatility over the past several months due to the uncertainty caused by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition to the substantial impacts on public health and the strain on health services and local governments, the downstream effects of […]  Read More
The business procedures in place in education are similar to any other type of organization. There are forms, processes, workflows, and data that people work with every day. Just like businesses in any other industry, those in higher education stand to benefit a great deal from streamlining and automating the different business processes and workflows […]  Read More
When choosing business process management software, many organizations look for a solution that is easy to use. They want an application that gives their end users a no-code interface to make creating automated workflows easy. However, just because some of these solutions are easy to use doesn’t mean they are not powerful. Although some organizations […]  Read More
Businesses in all industries are constantly looking to reduce operating costs. One way to do this is through a type of business process automation known as intelligent automation. What intelligent automation does is take repetitive, routine tasks that humans would typically do and apply machine learning technology to the process automation. This allows the intelligent […]  Read More
Although many simple finance and lending-related processes may be easily managed with straightforward workflows, this industry often wrestles with complex tasks and highly variable processes that require case-by-case consideration and management. Situational challenges, including the amount of unstructured data financial institutions may collect as part of financial processes, create unique obstacles for efficient internal operations. […]  Read More
Banks and lending institutions are expanding their financial products to include lending solutions and terms that can be customized to the individual borrower. This is a response to the ever-expanding ways consumers and businesses are seeking to borrow money for specialized products, but these institutions are hitting roadblocks when it comes to their current lending […]  Read More
In finance and lending, policies and regulations inevitably govern how processes work. An effective rules management system can help these processes flow more smoothly, particularly with loan origination. Automated rules deliver a range of benefits for lenders, including: Increased efficiency Streamlined implementation of rules, regulations, and policies Less reliance on IT teams Fewer repetitive tasks […]  Read More
Whether you’re aware of it or not, rules provide necessary logic and structure to any business. These rules define the job responsibilities for each of your workers, establish expectations for workplace behavior, and offer guidance for a wide range of operational procedures that take place every day at your company. Business rules make it possible […]  Read More