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Michael Templeman
Michael Templeman
Mike Templeman has worked in the online marketing industry for the past 10 years. He’s passionate about organic marketing. He is an independent marketing consultant that specializes in all things digital marketing. You can find out more about Mike at
Because lacking coding skills doesn't make anyone a dummy. It's a clear and undisputed fact that customized software makes business run smoother. Having reports automatically generated is faster than requesting them at every turn.  Read More
We may think that software-enabled decision-making is far removed from us, that it is technical and left for accountants, statisticians, and scientists to do. Yet there is a strategic connection between data collection and decision-making, in how such data can be transformed into information that can help inform us in making decisions that enhance our performance.  Read More
For a general development platform and workflow-automation solution there is Decisions. While not open source, this can provide you with some really robust tools.  Read More
The Decisions Workflow Product is creating documents that need to be sent by post, this could be an invoice, a letter or maybe a payslip. Whatever it is it needs printing.  Read More
BYOD presents almost an insurmountable challenges to an IT department. Will it end up killing the IT department? You have to read to find out.  Read More
This article was recently published on Wired by Kevin Lindquist, Marketing Director for   I want you to pick an everyday task that is performed in your company. Think about the steps that are required to perform that common task, and then ask yourself if it’s as efficient as it can be. In many […]  Read More
Data Dashboards are not a new technology, but with more data becoming available and technology becoming ubiquitous through the use of mobile devices, the need for dashboards has become critical in companies large and small.  Read More
We talk a lot about maximizing people through technology, but isn’t the reverse just as essential?  Read More