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Ross Reelachart
Ross Reelachart
Ross is a graduate of ODU and has been working at Decisions since 2017. When he isn't working with clients to build their processes or helping solve their problems on support, Ross likes to watch movies and write film reviews.
At Decisions, when a client contacts the support team with a problem or a question, they should expect and receive more than simple technical support. While it could be satisfactory enough to receive a fix for a problem or to be pointed in the direction of a usable step, the support team chooses to also […]  Read More
At Decisions, we offer ongoing support as part of the platform. Our support team is more than mere technical support. The team prides themselves on not only being able to answer any questions you might have about Decisions, but to also offer suggestions and guidance on how to make Decisions work for your specific process […]  Read More