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Business Process Management Factory?

Creating software is hard…

Automating processes is even harder because it combines the discipline of having to create software (structure data, produce language, interact with a user) as well as the need to bring along the humans who have to do the work.

So, the question… Is Business Process Management and Process sofware to the point that it can produce inexpensive and reliable implementations of process change. Answer: It depends. is a platform company. We are trying to create functionality that business software needs – that allow process automation to be routine. Does that make it easy? NO! The hard part of process automation is the thinking needing to be done in order to know what to change. However, currently the balance is all wrong. It is harder to automate a new policy than to think about what needs to be changed. Implementing change takes a long time, costs alot of money. What if it was easy? What if it was fast? What if those who know how to change the rules actually had the tools to do it?

We think we have made a big step towards answering this problem.