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Business Rules in Advanced Mortgage Closing Systems | Cool Article

From time to time we find “cool articles” and blog posts by others that align very well with how we think about the world. We want to make sure we share those perspectives in addition to our own ideas. This week we’d like to highlight an article by Christopher Eagle in Scotsman Guide (a mortgage originator blog) that talks about using business rule engines in advanced mortgage closing systems. While the article focuses on BRE as the primary tool – I think here at Decisions we’d split these activities into two separate domains – Workflow and Business Rules. In either case, its an interesting read if you are in the mortgage space on how a platform like Decisions could help.


  • Centralized Rule Management for Mortgage Processing
  • Automated Document Packaging and Routing
  • Mortgage Data Validation and Transformation
  • Mortgage Data Population

You can read the article here: The Use of Business Rules Engines in Advanced Mortgage Closing Systems, Changing Business Rules on the Fly Essential to Productivity.