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Elements of Business Rule Management: Rule Repository

Rules not only need to be created but also need to be managed. The management of business rules answers questions like these:

  • When was it changed?
  • Who changed it?
  • Why was it changed?
  • What did it look like at any point of its history?
  • What state is the rule in?
  • Can I checkout and test the next version of the rule?

The Decisions platform includes an integrated rule repository where business rules can be:

  • Checked out
  • Versioned
  • Managed by release state (production, hotfix, development, qa)
  • Reverted to prior versions
  • etc

The rule repository is critical as it forms the ‘database’ of rules, in all versions. Without a comprehensive repository its impossible to track the progression of rules or look back at the what the logic/processes were at any given stage.

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