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Email Response to Workflow

Workflow with Email. Email is a primary method of communication for everybody in your organization. One of the new features of Decisions 2.2 is the ability to respond to workflow tasks via email. Configuring this option involves setting up on an assigned form a few options like what is the outbound email to say, what style (send link, type back response) and what options are to be presented to the user.

For an end user, workflow with email will be very natural. They will receive an email with instructions in it as well as information that will help them inform their decision. They can then respond to email and the decisions server will monitor the email box – and trigger the workflow to continue based on the information provided by the end user.

Here is an example of where this could be useful. There is a manager that wants to approve spending requests using his iPhone while on golf course, he does not want to login and see his task list of things to be approved but wants to just respond to the workflow with email. An email could be sent to him with details of spending request with instructions to type the words ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ at the top.

What happens if he types in something else? Well, the workflow with email can be configured to send him back the message with a second (more clear) set of instructions. ‘PLEASE ONLY TYPE IN APPROVE OR REJECT’

Workflow with Email = Awesome Workflow!