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Introducing Decisions 2.2: Workflow Automation Just Got Even Better!

The wheel in the sky has continued to turn, and we are very happy to announce the release of Decisions 2.2! (Journey has a regular spot in our daily playlist if you haven’t noticed.) Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the new features. Here is a brief list of what you can expect from the new release:

  1. Data in Matrix and Adjustment at Runtime
  2. Improved Contact Editor
  3. Unit Test Framework for Flows and Rules
  4. Stack Panel/Calendar View in Reports
  5. New Designer Look and Feel
  6. Compact Portal Header
  7. Wizards for Complex Configuration Tasks (This is pretty big!)
  8. Email Response to Workflow (OK, they are all a pretty big deal!)
  9. Improved Process View Pages
  10. System Dashboards
  11. Open LDAP Support
  12. Child Processes
  13. Text Merge Designer
  14. Pinned Folders
  15. User Page Customization
  16. Customization of Portal Actions/Pages
  17. Advanced User Defined Data
  18. Additional File Support
  19. Runtime Editors Can Show Inline
  20. Print Templates (Header/Footer)
  21. Split Containers
  22. Search in Dialogs for Properties (Yes, little thing, but still a big thing.)

As we expound on the new feature list (it goes on and on and on and on), we will link this list to the new blog posts for easy navigation from this post. Stay tuned!