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Workflow with Email. Email is a primary method of communication for everybody in your organization. One of the new features of Decisions 2.2 is the ability to respond to workflow tasks via email. Configuring this option involves setting up on an assigned form a few options like what is the outbound email to say, what […]  Read More
One of the questions that we commonly get asked is ‘my company produces or has a software application that does __________, how does Decisions work with us?’ The reason we are contacted is almost universally the same – the applications do a great job at solving a task but need to be more flexible. The […]  Read More
With our 2.2 release, we are fully supporting being hosted on Microsoft Azure. We are pretty excited that our leading rule and workflow platform can now in this cloud! With Azure, Microsoft has reduced much of the complexity around scaling the data and processing architecture – removing some of the management of the physical deployment […]  Read More
We recently annouced support for Microsoft Azure, however, wanted to highlight something that we have had for quite a while – ability to run on and integrate with the Amazon AWS cloud services. Our support for AWS extends back to our intial releases. Our servers can be hosted on and we can integrate with the […]  Read More
The wheel in the sky has continued to turn, and we are very happy to announce the release of Decisions 2.2! (Journey has a regular spot in our daily playlist if you haven’t noticed.) Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the new features. Here is a brief list of what […]  Read More
Because the Decisions Platform is targeted at rule and process intensive business applications – and has a full set of business focused design technologies that all our customers applications to be customized and tuned without writing code – the user experience of being able to be fully interactive while doing complex tasks was very important […]  Read More