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As a subset of overall business process management (BPM), business process automation (BPA) allows you to cut out manual labor and replace it with fast, efficient processes that preserve and enhance quality while also providing more responsive, scalable services. Automation improves your integrations between different software and business processes. It can also improve communication around […]  Read More
! مرحبا!, ¡Hola!, Salut ! If you’re an employee of one of our many multinational customers, you likely interact with coworkers in offices around the world that operate in another language and with different workweek schedules, holiday calendars, and currency. Business processes may even span cultural boundaries domestically, such our Belgian clients who must make […]  Read More
Businesses around the world are settling into a new normal, which has dramatically changed the way they interact with customers, foster collaboration among teams, and support employees. Many businesses have already had strong flexible work arrangements, but there is now more of a focus on the value of a virtual workspace and the need for […]  Read More
Home Care Pulse is the home care industry’s leading firm in satisfaction research and quality assurance, serving hundreds of home care businesses across North America. Home care agencies use Home Care Pulse as a resource to help get information on the industry as a whole such as benchmarking studies, satisfaction research, and training resources. Home […]  Read More
Case management in the healthcare industry doesn’t only pertain to the clinical side of operations. Healthcare administrators must account for different business entities and legal regulations when managing patient registration insurance contracts, coding, billing, and other stages of the healthcare revenue cycle. These complex healthcare processes require workflows and management tools that can adapt to […]  Read More
Maybe your business already utilizes workflow automation and you have an inkling that you might not be getting the most bang for your buck. Or maybe your organization is just beginning to research how such a tool can enhance its operations. Whatever the case may be, it is important to realize that not every solution […]  Read More
If you are responsible for keeping your organization humming, you have probably spent more time than you care to admit thinking about workflow management. Are our workflows enabling our operations as efficiently as they could? Do our business rules still match our operational realities? Is there a better way to perform this function? The questions […]  Read More
In these unprecedented times filled with new challenges, uncertainty, and organizational and personal constraints, IT and business leaders are working to adapt their operations in response to COVID-19. To enable these changes, maintain continuity, and ensure the health of employees and their communities, businesses need their technology platforms to be able to pivot on a […]  Read More
Today’s healthcare industry is undergoing a transition away from traditional pay-for-service payment systems. Under this old model, patients visit a healthcare facility, receive healthcare services ranging from wellness checks to lab tests to medical procedures, and then pay an individual rate for each of those services. That approach is being replaced by advanced payment models […]  Read More
When the phrase “case management” comes up in healthcare, the common assumption is that the case is patient-related. The reality of healthcare case management is that it can apply to many types of ‘cases’. Yes, patients may be managed through this process, but there are many other healthcare processes that benefit from workflow and task […]  Read More
As businesses embrace the use of data-driven processes to transform virtually every aspect of their operations, the integrity of that data and the data management infrastructure have come under closer scrutiny. Data is more abundant for businesses than ever before, but organizations are facing greater limitations in regard to data quality. According to Gartner, the […]  Read More
Between the reverberations of the stock market and the uncertainty of the scale and length of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many businesses have been pushed close to their breaking points. Business owners have to constantly weigh the health and safety of their employees against complex pressures that come with making decisions that can help their […]  Read More
Whether you already have a business rules engine in use in your organization or you are just beginning to understand the value that it can add to your operations, it is important to remember what sets some business process management software solutions apart from others. Sure, there are a lot of different types of solutions […]  Read More
  It goes without saying that global and national financial markets have been rattled by volatility over the past several months due to the uncertainty caused by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition to the substantial impacts on public health and the strain on health services and local governments, the downstream effects of […]  Read More
If your business doesn’t already use workflow automation software to manage various projects and tasks taking place across the organization, it is easy to see the day-to-day benefit of adding this solution to your technology infrastructure. But a little added convenience isn’t enough to sell decision makers on the cost of adding a new piece […]  Read More
Unpaid invoices and bills are part of the cost of doing business. But the scale of that cost is determined by the efficiency and efficacy of your collections strategy. The first step in managing these collections efforts is choosing the right infrastructure to organize these efforts. At first glance, outsourcing collections to a third party […]  Read More