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I have often joked that when clients purchase DECISIONS that we were their fourth option. There’s quite a bit of truth in this though. So, with that said, what would be options 1, 2 and 3? Why would anyone slide down to option 4 as their best option? Option 1: The Status Quo As an […]  Read More
We’ve all been there. You have a legacy application that has slowly morphed over time, showing increasing signs of complexity, and has finally hit the breaking point. Each subsequent change seems to take forever and half the time something else breaks in the process. Rewriting the application has been on your budgetary wish list each […]  Read More
Since you are reading this blog post, it’s likely that you already know what a rules engine is. For those that don’t, a rule engine separates business logic from an application and exposes that logic in a graphical designer that allow business people to create, edit or understand the business rules associated with a business […]  Read More
  Companies today are laser-focused on things like growing market share, ensuring customer satisfaction, increasing profit margins, enhancing product functionality, and maintaining customer retention. These are all important facets to running a successful business, and Decisions is no exception. But sometimes you get the opportunity to be a part of something that transcends the aforementioned […]  Read More
I recently purchased a book that I would highly recommend to anyone building software. It’s titled “A Philosophy of Software Design” by John Ousterhout and I plan to write blog posts for the next month using topics raised within. The book starts off with a practical definition of complexity which states that complexity is anything […]  Read More
Garbage in, garbage out was first uttered by an IBM employee back in 1965 and this computer science term is just as valid today as it was nearly 55 years ago. In fact, we are swimming in more data today than ever, which is created from new software applications and IOT devices that add to […]  Read More
I talk regularly with clients who have invested heavily in expensive ERP systems but are not satisfied with the level of automation they have been able to achieve. I can totally relate to this, as I spent about 10 years of my life implementing these systems. When the project was finally completed it was seriously […]  Read More
When it comes to user interface (UI) design – opinions can be strong. This is particularly true when your application is customer facing. And like most things in Decisions, there is more than one way to get a page to look the way you want it to. In this blog post I want to point […]  Read More
  There was a very interesting article this past week in New Scientist magazine titled “The best image-recognition AI’s are fooled by slightly rotated images.” Do read the whole thing. This article touches on one of my favorite topics, which is how to think about AI and rules in the context of a business application. […]  Read More
We are continuing to shake down our Version 6 release and it is undergoing final QA testing while I write this blog post. One of the key features in this release is the support for Docker Containers, which has been a much-asked about feature that we are excited to launch. This feature comes about as […]  Read More
RPA is all the rage at the moment and not a day goes by where I don’t hear that a prospective client is investigating RPA tools. I have to take my hat off to the RPA vendors for some clever marketing and pricing strategies. By calling (workflows) them robots or bots, it has brought to […]  Read More
Given the flexible nature of Decisions, our customers have used our platform for a whole range of different use cases across many different industries.  One area that is growing in use, is Supply Chain Management.  Whether managing inventory, coordinating purchases, controlling master data, or optimizing logistics, Decisions has tools available to squeeze value out of […]  Read More
It is estimated that the average American adult makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 35,000 decisions every day. For sure most of these decisions are quite mundane, such as which pair of socks you put on and then which foot you choose to “sock” first. However, from a business context this means that your employees, […]  Read More
One of the most common topics that our customers ask about, is the ability to manage different versions of projects in Decisions.  Whether you’re looking to manage different versions of rules, workflows or entire projects, there are several options for doing this in Decisions. History, Documentation & Checkpoints Perhaps the easiest way to manage versions […]  Read More
Choosing a software vendor can be a stressful task as you want to make sure whichever supplier you pick can truly deliver the value that you’re looking for.  At Decisions there is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction and we want to ensure you receive the value that you expect, before you ever […]  Read More
Our latest white paper has been released and although the title is a bit long, the key message is actually found in the first two words of the title: Beyond & Beside. Let me explain. You could say that what is happening in the Loan Origination Software space is happening in nearly every business software […]  Read More