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It is estimated that the average American adult makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 35,000 decisions every day. For sure most of these decisions are quite mundane, such as which pair of socks you put on and then which foot you choose to “sock” first. However, from a business context this means that your employees, […]  Read More
One of the most common topics that our customers ask about, is the ability to manage different versions of projects in Decisions.  Whether you’re looking to manage different versions of rules, workflows or entire projects, there are several options for doing this in Decisions. History, Documentation & Checkpoints Perhaps the easiest way to manage versions […]  Read More
Choosing a software vendor can be a stressful task as you want to make sure whichever supplier you pick can truly deliver the value that you’re looking for.  At Decisions there is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction and we want to ensure you receive the value that you expect, before you ever […]  Read More
Our latest white paper has been released and although the title is a bit long, the key message is actually found in the first two words of the title: Beyond & Beside. Let me explain. You could say that what is happening in the Loan Origination Software space is happening in nearly every business software […]  Read More
Automating processes in an unpredictable world can be difficult at best.  Similar to planning for the approach of a deadly storm, we try to make decisions that will put us in the best possible position no matter the outcome.  With Hurricane Florence headed for the coast of Virginia and our head office located squarely in […]  Read More
Gartner recently released an interesting tech note discussing the increase in interest for business rules management systems. Here is a link to the article and I’d recommend that you read the whole thing. The article addresses the challenges that companies face when progressing in their digital transformations and how business rules management systems fit in. […]  Read More
I was reading one of my favorite economics blogs recently ( and came across a link to a Harvard Business Review article by Daniel Kahneman, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002. The article is titled: “Noise: How to Overcome the High, Hidden Cost of Inconsistent Decision Making.” I would highly recommend you […]  Read More
Why Business Metrics? William Edwards Deming was a pioneer in Engineering, Statistics, and Process Optimization.  He was instrumental in the spectacular rise of Japanese Industry after World War II (among many other achievements).  One of the key factors in Mr. Deming’s success was his appreciation and passion for good business metrics. Deming stressed that business […]  Read More
Last week we launched our General Availability release of Decisions 5.0. With the GA launch we have moved beyond the Beta stage and Version 5.0 is ready and recommended for production environments. Version 5.0 is the fastest, most heavily tested and feature rich version of Decisions we have ever released. To learn all about our […]  Read More
One of the most important topics when it comes to automating your processes is Master Data. Master Data is an often-forgotten key element of process optimization. As your company grows, complexity increases and the need for automation becomes increasingly important. The degree to which data heavy processes can be automated is often dependent on the […]  Read More
There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and how true that is. A layout drawing of a home plan will give you a better idea as to what that house looked like in an instant as compared to a fifteen minute conversation about the house. Which is why we are all […]  Read More
There is an old saying in business, “what got us here, won’t get us there”.  At some point in the lifetime of your business you will undoubtedly outgrow the processes and the systems that helped you grow to that point and to achieve the next milestone you will need to upgrade your systems and processes. […]  Read More
At Decisions, when a client contacts the support team with a problem or a question, they should expect and receive more than simple technical support. While it could be satisfactory enough to receive a fix for a problem or to be pointed in the direction of a usable step, the support team chooses to also […]  Read More
At Decisions, we offer ongoing support as part of the platform. Our support team is more than mere technical support. The team prides themselves on not only being able to answer any questions you might have about Decisions, but to also offer suggestions and guidance on how to make Decisions work for your specific process […]  Read More
When it comes to leveraging software to gain a competitive advantage for your organization, one of the most important decisions is whether to “Make” or to “Buy” that software. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Buying software off the shelf can often be a less expensive, quick and dirty solution, however it might not […]  Read More
Barely a day goes by without some incredible story regarding the advancements being made in machine learning. Aside from beating humans in Jeopardy, Chess, and Go, machines have also advanced incredibly fast in areas like image recognition, translation, transcription, and speech to text. Self driving cars are in the news daily as are stories about […]  Read More