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Decisions Free Training Event on March 1st in Norfolk, VA, USA On March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, Decisions will be holding a free training event at the Courtyard in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Prospects, customers and partners are welcome to attend for free training and other sessions lead by Decisions training staff and select partners. […]  Read More
Manual Data Entry is for Dummies… One of the best ways to improve workflow is to eliminate manual data entry and lookup through integration and interfacing, but you can’t auto-populate what you don’t know. Decisions is being used in a wide range of industries to access, aggregate, manipulate, transform, validate, and eventually auto-populate data in a variety […]  Read More
Rules Triggering Connected Device Actions Recently a customer asked us about Philips HUE light bulbs – so we went to Home Depot and grabbed two of them. Within 15 minutes of unboxing we had them flashing whenever a new support ticket came in. We always knew that we could add intelligence to the IoT trend […]  Read More
We get emails like this all the time – but we thought this one was worth sharing. Enjoy! — Hi Carl, I got a chance to check out the software and I liked what I saw. I’ll try to demo it more over the next few days and hopefully we can set up a live […]  Read More
A customer recently asked: “When and why is Decisions a better choice than custom development?”. This is not an uncommon question, and an important point of best practice when you consider Decisions as a part of your enterprise stack. Why Decisions over custom development? It is not really an apples to apples comparison, but the question […]  Read More
Business Rules for Lead Scoring We see a wide spectrum of CRM solutions in our conversations with our customers. Everything from home grown systems to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics have strengths and weaknesses as they fulfill their role in the enterprise stack. Business rules can provide an additional layer of intelligence to your sales stack […]  Read More
A common theme in many of our customer conversations is around the idea of exposing business logic as a web service. Let’s take a quick look at why this is such a common topic – and some of its implications. Integration with other business applications is the driver for this idea. At some point in another […]  Read More
Decisions 3.5 is ready! Read more about the 3.5 release of Decisions and new training dates.  Read More
From time to time we find “cool articles” and blog posts by others that align very well with how we think about the world. We want to make sure we share those perspectives in addition to our own ideas. This week we’d like to highlight an article by Christopher Eagle in Scotsman Guide (a mortgage originator […]  Read More
Thanks to all those who joined our seminar on rule sets! Rule sets help you organize groups of rules together that evaluate the same object in such a way that it is easy to add or modify rules for different types of that object. Enjoy the recording!    Stay tuned for more seminars at  Read More
The release of Decisions 3.0 is one of the biggest updates to the product to date. We have been testing the beta with some of our customers and prospects for some time now and we are pleased to announce its general availability. We are holding demonstrations of Decisions 3.0 upon request, just head over to […]  Read More
Because lacking coding skills doesn't make anyone a dummy. It's a clear and undisputed fact that customized software makes business run smoother. Having reports automatically generated is faster than requesting them at every turn.  Read More
We may think that software-enabled decision-making is far removed from us, that it is technical and left for accountants, statisticians, and scientists to do. Yet there is a strategic connection between data collection and decision-making, in how such data can be transformed into information that can help inform us in making decisions that enhance our performance.  Read More
For a general development platform and workflow-automation solution there is Decisions. While not open source, this can provide you with some really robust tools.  Read More
The Decisions Workflow Product is creating documents that need to be sent by post, this could be an invoice, a letter or maybe a payslip. Whatever it is it needs printing.  Read More
BYOD presents almost an insurmountable challenges to an IT department. Will it end up killing the IT department? You have to read to find out.  Read More