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Process View Pages. Getting better all the time.

Process view pages in Decisions are getting better all the time! When coordinating the workflow automation effort among different people, teams, and even organizations it can be difficult to stay current on all of the progress. That is why we have made some major improvements with our recent release that include tools and views that help you stay on top of what is happening within the platform itself.

The process data handling in version 2.2 has been greatly expanded. The data that is central to process like tracking state transitions, percentage complete, notes and data generated by process has been combined into a new user interface that has a timeline and exposes up the key data (like documents and assignments) up into an easy to understand user interface. This interface was built with the decisions page/dashboard builder, so it can be adjusted without programming.

Because the process view page was built with the Decisions page/dashboard builder, there are an endless number of ways for you to customize the experience. If you have a unique way of manipulating the process view page to fit your organization let us know! Maybe we should make that the default. We love getting customer feedback for future iterations.