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The Right Kind of Building Blocks

A largely unconsidered point of comparison among low or no code development environments is found in a discussion around how granular the toolbox and designer can really be. Decisions Founder Carl Hewitt raises this idea in one of our latest interviews.

“It’s kind of like building a house,” Hewitt explains. “The bricks are large enough to be efficient in the building process, but small enough as to not dictate the size or shape of the house.”Many other visual development environments can struggle with this idea. Their bricks might be so large that you can only build applications in a limited number of ways.

Decisions “building blocks” have been optimized against a philosophy of true business enablement so that your business process can reflect the reality of how you want to do business. So that they can reflect the competitive advantage you bring to the table with the little things you want to enforce that we might not have considered if we were to build something that just ran off the shelf.

This fundamental design decision gives Decisions a unique advantage in its ability to distribute content through our app store that was released with Decisions 4.0. Customers will have the opportunity to get a rapid start in deploying a business process – but they will have as much granular capability as they need to change that process despite how we designed it for the app store.

This moment is a critical question as we help customers through their journey – does this workflow represent the requirements you gave us? No? Great, how would you change it. And there are no limits.