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Supporting Unpredictable Business Processes with Decisions

A common topic of conversation in a number of our efforts recently has been how rules can be used to support unpredictable business processes. While many business processes can be supported by a concrete series of steps, reality dictates that there are special cases where for one reason or another, the person tasked with the next step needs to choose a different path to resolving the work item. 

Making these types of Decisions – even if they are unplanned – are critical in many of today’s real world scenarios. For example, a medical claim may merit special consideration from the executive review board. Or in the world of real estate, a mortgage application might need special approval. In any case, having business rules defined that let users determine the next step based upon the meta data of the object in real time can optimize a given business process by engaging the user to route the task live, instead of the engine getting lost and relying on admins to dig through logs and manually re-route or pause certain workflows.  

To better define this idea of rule driven workflow – stay tuned at for our next publication!