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78% of Americans prefer to use digital tools to engage with financial institutions, according to an Ipsos-Forbes Advisor U.S. Weekly Consumer Confidence Survey from March. The need for financial services organizations to respond quickly to change is no longer a benefit but a requirement to remain competitive and attract and retain customers. According to Jim […]  Read More
  For years, Decisions has been solving hard business problems for our customers, but our involvement has traditionally stopped there. Last week, Decisions announced the acquisition of Process Diamond and the introduction of the first Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform. We may be automation experts, but we’re not experts on every process from every customer […]  Read More
On October 4th, Facebook experienced a massive service outage that took over eight hours to resolve. If a technology company as sophisticated as Facebook can experience such an event, then any business can.  While Facebook’s issue was not a disaster recovery (DR) scenario, it forces the hard questions:  How well are your business processes capable […]  Read More
For most organizations, process automation is a when, not an if. Competitive market demands are putting increasing pressure on organizations to streamline processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and do more with less. Therefore, many companies are focusing on areas of the business that can deliver the highest ROI – across multiple departments and use cases […]  Read More
The concept of a business rule is rather simple – it’s “if X, then Y.” The business rules engine is where they’re built, stored, managed, and enforced. A flexible business rules engine allows the creation of a variety of business rules with easy connectivity to any type of workflow, which triggers specific actions based on […]  Read More
Streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and continuous product innovation have been standard operating procedures for insurance organizations for decades, but the pace has increased since insurance quoting went online. Expertise in marketing, claims processing, and underwriting are no longer unique competitive advantages, and insurance companies are looking for new ways to operate. As a […]  Read More
Competitive forces and increasingly stringent regulations require that asset management firms analyze their processes and procedures to streamline operations. They need to reduce costs while simultaneously strengthening compliance. Therefore, intelligent asset management companies – private equity firms, hedge funds, family offices, wealth managers – are increasingly implementing automation strategies. Their goals are to optimize operations, […]  Read More
Digital transformation at well-established insurance providers has been in process for more than a decade, with the goal of streamlining processes to unlock growth, increase profitability, and protect their brand. Meanwhile, newer, more nimble insurance start-ups are trying to leverage the latest technologies in their quest to stay one step ahead. The bottom line is […]  Read More
Scores let you know where you stand, whether it is a test score in academics or the final score of the Super Bowl, they are a quick way to measure past performance. Past performance is an important indicator for future performance and using scoring rules in business decisions can help predict the probability of certain […]  Read More
Workflows are great for standardizing business processes and documenting enterprise knowledge. Automating workflows can streamline operations and help you respond to your customers quicker than your competitor. But, what happens when existing workflows processes don’t work when new and unusual situations come up? While many interactions may be similar and the established workflows work well, […]  Read More
As the world adapts to the new reality of Covid-19, businesses are being forced to adapt or die. Managing and automating decision making with a rules engine can improve business agility and resilience. Business rules live throughout your organization and dictate how it runs. These protocols also represent the retained knowledge that informs the decisions […]  Read More
Well constructed machine learning models can give a business a competitive advantage by helping make more nimble decisions but ML models should not be left to themselves. Companies that can make decisions faster can capture new opportunities quicker and compete with and take share from larger rivals. While ML can be very valuable, there are […]  Read More
The importance of business rules and decision making in the age of automation As the world produces more and more data, organizations are connecting disparate systems to leverage this data to create competitive advantages. With data and systems better integrated, more processes can be automated leading to nimbler more effective decision making. Business rules and […]  Read More
New Ocean improves health outcomes and lowers costs across organizations by addressing both chronic conditions and lifestyle management. New Ocean uses embedded digital coaching, behavioral science and predictive analytics to help people achieve their health goals and position organizations to benefit from the growing digital healthcare landscape. Business Challenge New Ocean’s primary customers are Health […]  Read More
If businesses decide to build their own software, it’s usually because they want that software to be perfect and customized to their specific needs. Additionally, those businesses want to develop software with the fewest barriers possible. Eliminating these barriers is easier said than done. Low-code was developed to streamline development and facilitate collaboration between programmers […]  Read More
No-code development isn’t just a tool to help build specialized or niche tools for your business. As the benefits of no-code become more familiar to business leaders across every industry, the role of this script-free development approach is expanding to include mission-critical applications. These mission-critical applications represent the core technologies your business uses to execute […]  Read More