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The business procedures in place in education are similar to any other type of organization. There are forms, processes, workflows, and data that people work with every day. Just like businesses in any other industry, those in higher education stand to benefit a great deal from streamlining and automating the different business processes and workflows […]  Read More
When choosing business process management software, many organizations look for a solution that is easy to use. They want an application that gives their end users a no-code interface to make creating automated workflows easy. However, just because some of these solutions are easy to use doesn’t mean they are not powerful. Although some organizations […]  Read More
Business process management (BPM) has always been fenced in by the limitations of the latest technology. Even as new technologies such as automation and low-code development created new efficiencies and capabilities for organizations, the overall agility and flexibility that companies could achieve was fixed. But those technologies have made great strides in recent years, and […]  Read More
Businesses in all industries are constantly looking to reduce operating costs. One way to do this is through a type of business process automation known as intelligent automation. What intelligent automation does is take repetitive, routine tasks that humans would typically do and apply machine learning technology to the process automation. This allows the intelligent […]  Read More
Legacy banking and lending technologies continue to plague the bottom lines of financial institutions resisting digital transformation. In many cases, inefficient or limited financial technology is placing a cap on the loan volumes lenders are able to handle, while also creating additional operational costs that could be easily addressed through modern solutions. Research suggests that […]  Read More
Although many simple finance and lending-related processes may be easily managed with straightforward workflows, this industry often wrestles with complex tasks and highly variable processes that require case-by-case consideration and management. Situational challenges, including the amount of unstructured data financial institutions may collect as part of financial processes, create unique obstacles for efficient internal operations. […]  Read More
If your organization has made the decision to implement a business process management software solution, you are likely well aware of the many benefits you stand to gain from such a project. However, as with any software implementation, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. In fact, the implementation of enterprise software is […]  Read More
Banks and lending institutions are expanding their financial products to include lending solutions and terms that can be customized to the individual borrower. This is a response to the ever-expanding ways consumers and businesses are seeking to borrow money for specialized products, but these institutions are hitting roadblocks when it comes to their current lending […]  Read More
In finance and lending, policies and regulations inevitably govern how processes work. An effective rules management system can help these processes flow more smoothly, particularly with loan origination. Automated rules deliver a range of benefits for lenders, including: Increased efficiency Streamlined implementation of rules, regulations, and policies Less reliance on IT teams Fewer repetitive tasks […]  Read More
Whether you’re aware of it or not, rules provide necessary logic and structure to any business. These rules define the job responsibilities for each of your workers, establish expectations for workplace behavior, and offer guidance for a wide range of operational procedures that take place every day at your company. Business rules make it possible […]  Read More
Whenever you’re trying to automate internal processes that operate on a case-by-case basis, you have a potential use case for a case management solution. Regardless of industry, almost any business leader can identify multiple internal processes that could be streamlined and improved by using case management technology to automate processes and improve customer service. Here […]  Read More
If you have made the decision to implement a document workflow software solution in your business, then you have already taken the first step. However, most people know that when it comes to implementing a new software solution, deciding you need the software isn’t usually the hardest step to take. What follows the decision to […]  Read More
Without the right approvals, business processes can come to a grinding halt. When things are held up because something requiring approval is sitting in a queue, people want to know where the bottleneck is. In theory, tracking the progress of an approval as it makes its way through a business process should help speed things […]  Read More
When you think of workflow software, it is easy to think of the movement of process automation. After all, flow implies constant motion, and you use the software to move through the steps of a given process. However, there is an often-overlooked element of process automation using workflow software: The process has to start with […]  Read More
Truth tables date back as far as 1902 to logician Charles Sanders Peirce, who used them as a method to display algebraic logic. Truth tables have evolved over the years. As more people rely on them to represent logical outcomes, they have become more useful in other fields, and are now instrumental in business process […]  Read More
You may not have caught this story, but last week Boeing launched the new Starliner spacecraft, which is designed to be the next generation launch vehicle. The Starliner capsule did not make it to the International Space Station (ISS), it’s intended destination. It was able to land successfully back on earth yet there were a […]  Read More