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You’ve heard about no-code software for various business solutions, but do you understand how this software works and how it can improve your daily business operations? Business professionals rely on a number of software solutions to perform day-to-day tasks. However, they’re often left out of the development process entirely, and instead rely on intuitive developers […]  Read More
Businesses turn to workflow software solutions in order to remove manual tasks from their processes. As with any software, not all company workflow solutions live up to users’ expectations. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to tell if the workflow software they implemented is making the impact they had hoped for. However, if you know what […]  Read More
Life in the insurance industry is full of decisions based on rules. Does a potential customer meet the basic qualifications? How does a rate change based on the answers provided on a form? What is the maximum value of a policy? What is the agent’s commission for an individual customer? These decisions, whether they be […]  Read More
Across all of the different technologies used to run your business, there’s a lot of data to organize and manage. Master data management is a method for not only organizing and storing data but also making sure it is consistent and uniform across different software platforms and storage locations. A master data record plays a […]  Read More
Yes, it would be ideal if all development projects were greenfield in nature where we were starting with a clean slate and could design and build using the latest tools and methods. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. More than likely, you are currently working on a brownfield application. What’s a brownfield application? […]  Read More
Truth tables are used to provide a visual organization of information when looking into all of the possible outcomes and scenarios from the provided premises. Though most common in mathematics, truth tables have also been used in computer science, electrical engineering, and even philosophy. Given the wide range of uses for truth tables, it should […]  Read More
Ever since Sir Richard Arkwright developed a water powered spinning mill for cotton in 1771, the manufacturing industry has embraced automation as a way to reduce time and costs when it comes to repetitive tasks. So it should be no surprise that the manufacturing companies vertical would turn to workflow automation for many of its […]  Read More
In its simplest terms, a product’s user interface (UI) is what enables the end user to easily interact with the back-end processes of the application. A good UI provides visual cues and a reliable information architecture so that users are able to easily navigate and find the information they need. Sometimes, however, a simple UI […]  Read More
As enterprise data becomes more expansive, it also becomes more convoluted. Poor management of high-volume data can quickly create chaos for an organization’s system of records, thus compromising data integrity. But data mapping tools can help organizations avoid this nightmare scenario by maintaining clean records and ensuring that duplicate data is identified and eliminated. When […]  Read More
Software as a service (SaaS) comes in many different forms and applications, but the overarching value of SaaS is in its ability to deliver powerful services to businesses at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives. Our latest webinar about multi-tenancy demonstrates how businesses of any size can use a SaaS multi-tenant environment to […]  Read More
Originally, Decisions was designed as a rule and workflow engine that could be embedded into other applications and solutions. As demand for the product grew, Decisions began selling directly to customers who wanted to manage their own business processes without code. At the same time, resellers and other software providers began using the software in […]  Read More
As organizations seek out ways to create new efficiencies and increase productivity at scale, decision software inevitably receives a hard look from decision makers. With a workflow management tool, organizations can quickly implement operational changes that automate tedious business tasks and optimize workflows to improve the speed and quality of the end result. Businesses have […]  Read More
Organizations are under constant pressure to increase productivity, widen profit margins, and do more with less. But to achieve these goals, organizations need the right tools and resources in place—and it all starts with intelligent process automation (IPA). By combining business rule decisioning and workflow automation, organizations can implement new digital innovations as a means […]  Read More
This question comes up quite frequently and the short answer is yes – absolutely. To get to the underlying concern behind the question though takes a bit more explanation. It’s a topic we love to talk about at DECISIONS as this is an area of the product that really shines. We look forward to opportunities […]  Read More
Simply by reading this blog post you are cordially invited to our first annual Decisions Days event in New York City. Pretty cool huh? We have extended our typical 3-day training event to include two additional days of content. We are super excited about this event and would love to have you there with us. […]  Read More
I have often joked that when clients purchase DECISIONS that we were their fourth option. There’s quite a bit of truth in this though. So, with that said, what would be options 1, 2 and 3? Why would anyone slide down to option 4 as their best option? Option 1: The Status Quo As an […]  Read More