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Decisions Workflow Automation Platform to Demonstrate New Tools at Microsoft Management Summit

– New Platform Tools to Provide Microsoft System Center Administrators Enhanced Functionality –


CHESAPEAKE, Va., April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Decisions, the workflow automation platform company, announced that they will debut a new set of tools for Microsoft System Center administrators, at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2013, at booth 108, April 8 to April 12, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This new set of tools will provide Microsoft System Center administrators the ability to extend and enhance operations around Orchestrator and Configuration Manager to include more end user interaction.

“Building on Microsoft System Center, Decisions gives administrators and IT departments a better interface, or portal, that allows for faster creation, testing, deployment, and maintenance of automated workflows,” said Duane Newman, Decisions CEO. “Our platform provides intelligent components for administrators to incorporate some impressive end user functionality into their IT ecosystem.”

As an example, EDAF (Expressability Deployment Automation Framework) provides an intelligence layer on top of Microsoft System Center that reduces manual labor and increases the efficiency of deployment projects.

Decisions plans to make the new solution available immediately following MMS 2013. For the latest news on the product, Decisions at MMS 2013, and platform updates, you can subscribe to the Decisions Blog.

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